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In April 1996, the members of Margo Power's shortmystery-l digest voted to become the Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS). While not a change of official standing, it spoke to our goal of better representing mystery & crime stories in the public eye. Anyone can join the SMFS by free subscription to this Group. All applicants are approved except during January 1 to May 1 during the Derringer process, when no new members can be added. Members take part in any SMFS activity they wish, to the extent they wish. Membership only lapses if one unsubs or is banned from this Groups.Io Group. Each January, members or mystery/crime publishers enter their favorite traditionally-published stories of the past year in our *Derringer Awards* ( ). February-April, members judge & vote to honor one story up to 1,000 words; one 1,001-4,000; one 4,001-8,000; and one 8,001-20,000. These winners are announced May 1 along w/ a living writer chosen by 5-member exec panel to receive our Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement.
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  • shortmystery | Bcon2021plans
    Discussion of plans for Short Mystery Fiction Society members to meet up at Bouchercon 2021 in New Orleans.
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  • Derringers Proposals Subgroup
    This subgroup is the only place for discussion of proposals for changing the Derringer Awards, especially in regard to self-published stories.
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  • shortmystery | PublicityPlans
    Any member of the SMFS may join this group for the purpose of discussing ideas to increase publicity for the Society, and for short mystery fiction in general.
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